"Thank you guys for making it the best party we have ever attended. The venue, the theme, all was perfect. You guys keep up the good work! Thank YOU!"

Janice and David

"I was meaning to email you guys about the incredible time we had on Saturday. Not only was it an awesome party but it was the best swing party we have ever been too. I couldn't believe how many guys were polite and great looking. And of course, the women looked great as well. We are looking forward to next party and we are putting in our votes for the next p-eating contest. Thanks again."

Amy and John

"Thanks very much. It was our first event of this type, so we were a little nervous about what to expect. As promised by our friends who encouraged us to attend, we had a fantastic time. It was a very upscale event, a nice setup, and most importantly, sexy friendly guests. Thanks again, we'll be coming to the next event for sure."

Destiny and Rocco

"That was the best event we have ever been to. I'm disappointed we have to wait 4 months to attend another one. The people were beautiful and friendly. We never expected such an easy time getting to know people."

James and Tina

"Thank you Marquis! The venue was spectacular! The people gracious and friendly, the food wonderful and the entertainment really fantastic. Too bad other events aren't done as well as yours."


"We had a fabulous time at the Mountain Top it was well worth the ticket price!"

Joan and Frank

"You guys put together a class act-and what a hot crowd. We will definitely be at your future parties."

Ebony and Veronica

"Thanks for a great party. Job well done. We had a blast. It far exceeded our expectations!"

Max and Mary

"We wanted to say thank you for a fabulous evening at the Mountain Top, It was our first Freaky-Deeky experience-and it truly was amazing!"

Kelly and Shannon

"Thank you for a wonderful party! Everyone can't stop talking about how much fun they had and how much they are looking forward to the next event!"

Dionne and Chris

"Great party Marquis! We still feel it! Each one is better than the last!"


"Wow ! What a party!! Can we do that again!!" "Had a blast! You have created a huge fan-look forward to the next event."


"We wanted to congratulate you on a truly well organized party. The location was truly impressive and such a magical environment. Great job!"

B & T

"We just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic Saturday night. Marquis and Mount Freaky-Deeky really knows how to throw an unparalleled event!"

Dina and Ross